InterPro annotation

Clytia hemisphaerica (Jellyfish)
Program, Pipeline Name or Method Name: 
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The TSV format presents the match data in columns as follows:

  •  Protein Accession (e.g. P51587)
  •  Sequence MD5 digest (e.g. 14086411a2cdf1c4cba63020e1622579)
  •  Sequence Length (e.g. 3418)
  •  Analysis (e.g. Pfam / PRINTS / Gene3D)
  •  Signature Accession (e.g. PF09103 / G3DSA:
  •  Signature Description (e.g. BRCA2 repeat profile)
  •  Start location
  •  Stop location
  •  Score - is the e-value (or score) of the match reported by member database method (e.g. 3.1E-52)
  •  Status - is the status of the match (T: true)
  •  Date - is the date of the run
  •  InterPro annotations - accession (e.g. IPR002093) - optional column
  •  InterPro annotations - description (e.g. BRCA2 repeat) - optional column
  •  GO annotations (e.g. GO:0005515) - optional column
File Format: 
MD5 sum: